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Ecofishing Port Project
The Government of Indonesia and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) signed on December 23, 2022, a Credit Facility Agreement for the financing of the Eco Fishing Ports project, amounting to 98,7 Euros. With this project, Indonesia, through the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Kementarian Kelautan Dan Perikanan, KKP), intends to upgrade four fishing ports in order improve their performance, attractiveness and sustainability in line with international standards.

Fisheries are a key sector of the Indonesian economy, with 15 to 18 million people directly depending on fishing activities. In terms of food security, fish is assessed to account for 52% of the animal protein in the food bowl. In 2018, the sector contributed more than USD 26.9 Billions to the economy, or about 2.6% of GDP, more than any other fishing states in the region. 

Fishing ports, which are the main places for landing and selling products, play a central role in structuring the sector and improving the management of marine resources.

The 4 pilot ports that were selected by the Indonesian government are the following: PPS Bitung in Sulawesi, PPS Kendari in Sulawesi, PPS Cilacap in Java and PPS Belawan in Sumatra. They are amongst the biggest ones in Indonesia and are therefore managed at the central level by the KKP.

Learn more here about AFD's action in Indonesia 

More specifically, the project aims to improve the ports’ efficiency, attractiveness and governance, improve the sanitary quality, traceability and added value of fishery products, manage the environmental and climatic impacts and challenges. As such, it is structured around 3 main components:

  • redevelopment and organization of the port area and its functions,
  • implementation of a sustainability approach for fishing ports and fisheries,
  • strengthening institutional and technical capacities of KKP at central and port level, and project management.

This project is part of the strong Maritime Dialogue between France and Indonesia, which was reaffirmed by the French Minister of the Sea Mrs Annick Girardin during her visit in June 2021, and in line with the letter of intent signed between AFD and KKP.

Contact : afdjakarta@afd.fr