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The Mro is the fourth-largest tribe in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. They are considered 'the people of the wind' as they tend to settle in the remotest areas of the highest hills. They share strong ties with nature, especially the lush community forest or 'para bon' attached to their village, which provides them with a variety of fruits and the bamboo they use for building their huts. However, logging and deforestation as well as poaching had threatened the forest, pushing many species of Wild plants and animals to the verge of extinction. 
AFD is supporting Caritas’ Agro-ecology project in the Chittagong Hills Tracts. The project began its journey With the Mro community in 2018 with the intention of supporting the community and restoring the forest, the project provided members. Here Rengpror Mro shows us how, thanks to the work put in by the community, the forest has awakened again and is bustling with flora and fauna. 

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