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Located in the South-West of Ouagadougou, Zagtouli, the biggest solar plant in West Africa – and the first in Burkina Faso - has been build. In a country where 19 million inhabitants have no access to electricity, having a reliable, cheap and efficient energy supply is crucial.

Financed by AFD and the EU, this state-of-the-art power plant will be able to produce enough energy to supply for 5% of the country’s needs. For consumers, the price will be approximatively divided by four in comparison with the current national electricity network in Burkina Faso. It will also be very beneficial for the environment. Thanks to the power connections between the cities around Ouahigouya (180km to the North of the capital) and Gorcy (140km to the North-West of the capital), thousands of families will see their every-day lives improved by the solar power.

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