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2019-2022 Energy Transition Strategy

The Energy Transition (ET) is now underway in developing and developed countries alike. Driven mainly by technological advances, it presents an economic, social and environmental opportunity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and an imperative if we are to attain the objectives set by the Paris Climate Agreement. It aims for access to efficient, resilient and low-carbon energy services for all.

Large-scale deployment of the energy transition implies profound technological and societal changes: it goes far beyond the question of electricity to include industry, construction, mobility, urban planning, agriculture, our consumption patterns, our leisure activities. The challenge is to bring about large-scale changes in the consumption and production of energy and, at the same time, provide access to reliable energy services for over a billion people.

To meet these challenges and the requests from its partner countries more effectively, AFD Group has adopted a strategy that positions its action on accelerating the energy transition, in line with the AFD Group’s 2018–2022 Strategy approved in August 2018.

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