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AFD‘s Sectoral Intervention Frameworks (SIF) are reference documents that plan and steer work in a given field over a period of three to five years, in addition to providing financial guidelines (amounts planned for support, financial instruments used), technical guidelines (targeting support, links to national policies and other partners) and geographical guidelines.

An SIF has a three-fold role:
It encourages collaborative thinking within the Agency and particularly within a technical division, providing an overview of earlier periods and examining the issues within a sector in relation to the Agency‘s potential areas of intervention.
It is a framework document that links operations to result Finally, it is an instrument that facilitates discussion and communication both within the Agency and with the outside world (partners, civil society, administrative bodies).

The SIF sets out positions and strategic priorities by sector and by geographic area. It describes the financial instruments that can be used depending on the various areas of intervention.
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Marion Ginolin
Nebghouha Mohamed Vall and François Robert
Le Vif du Sujet. Avec Eric Lanoue and Hugues Legros
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Corinne de Peretti
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