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Evaluation Summary - Cluster of 5 District Heating Projects in China

A cluster of 5 district heating projects financed by AFD in China was evaluated. They were approuved between 2012 and 2017, some of which were still being implemented at the time of the evaluation. They aimed to renovate and extend the district heating network in several cities in the country (Jinan I and II, and Zibo), and to produce heat from biomass (Yichun), gas-fired trigeneration (Qingdao) or wastewater heat recovery (Jinan II).

Overall, the evaluation concludes that the projects financed are very relevant, effective and efficient. They are very satisfactory in terms of environmental and social risk management. For example, the two projects in Jinan I and Zibo are meeting the objectives set and exceeding expectations in some respects, particularly in terms of energy savings and emission reductions. The heating systems in both projects are much more efficient than national standards.

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