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Evaluation Summary - District development facility (DDF), Ghana

In Ghana, the District development facility project (DDF) was subject to an evaluation in September 2015.

Access to funds by the Metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) for implementation of local socioeconomic development projects was limited. The government of Ghana partnered with the governments of Germany, France, Canada and Denmark in 2008 to ensure improved access to funds for MMDAs.

The project was relevant as it provided reliable sources of decentralized funding to MMDAs and succeeded in changing mindsets in local governance structures towards performance and results-based management. In the period reviewed, MMDAs identified and implemented 3 537 socioeconomic development projects. However, DDF sustainability is not yet sufficiently secured and MMDA trust in DDF is slowly declining. To maintain its relevance, DDF stakeholders should address issues relating to disbursement delays to MMDAs, invest in capacity development and improve monitoring and reporting.

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MDF training and consultancy BV (Netherlands)
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