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Evaluation Summary - Infrastructure development of space oceanography (INDESO) project

In the Republic of Indonesia, the Infrastructure development of space oceanography project (INDESO) for the “Natural resources and environment” sector was subject to an evaluation in December 2018.

The project was developed because the data and the technological solutions available to provide oceanographic information are insufficient. This information is necessary to ensure the sustainable management of Indonesia’s marine resources.

The evaluation deemed the project highly relevant to the country’s needs and consistent with formal government policies and strategies. The informal focus of the government on the fight against illegal unreported and unregulated fishing however limited the impact of the project. The outputs were of good quality and delivered as planned but only partially achieved. Sustainability of the project was poor: none of the 7 applications developed were in use at the time of the evaluation, due to insufficient planning for sustainability.

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Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd
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