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Evaluation Summary - Post-earthquake reconstruction program in the Sichuan Province, China

In the Sichuan province of China, for the “Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation” sector, the post-earthquake reconstruction program was subject to an evaluation in September 2015.

The Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction plan of 2008 aimed at rehousing the population and restoring infrastructures following the natural disaster. The Chinese government wished to use a “build back better” approach to strengthen seismic building standards and promote energy efficiency and environmental protection. The project contributed to the implementation of this reconstruction plan.

The project demonstrated the possibility of combining a climate change conscious approach with the specificities of a post-disaster context. It was a success which met its overall and specific objectives and had a positive social and environmental impact. Tight deadlines didn’t alter the quality of services rendered by AFD, showing its capacity to design quick response post-disaster programs with short- and long-term impacts. The tangible impacts of the project make it valid for replication.

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Ludovic Jonard, OREADE BRECHE
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