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Houaphan is a mountainous province in northern Laos forested with a high diversity of bamboo species and non-timber forest products. These resources, if well managed and used, have a strong potential for socio economic development. Since 2010, Houaphan Province, with the support of GRET, is strongly involved in value chains development for bamboo and rattan. It includes handicraft, slats and sticks, fresh and dried shoots and poles. This has led to the development of innovative provincial strategies 2011 – 2015 and 2016 – 2020, has given positive results to increase livelihoods of the local communities and for a more sustainable management of the resources.

Today, AFD and the Switzerland Cooperation are still engaged with Houaphan local authorities and GRET to scale-up these achievements. The objective of this new support is to promote the emergence and effective participation of farmer organizations and civil society in the co-development of sustainable value chains of bamboo and rattan in Laos, guaranteeing sustainable forest management and generating additional income for rural populations.


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