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Lebanon - 2021-2025 Strategy AFD Group

The compounding crises that Lebanon is experiencing require adopting a new strategy that takes into account issues that need to be urgently tackled in the short term, while also preparing for the future. The end goal of AFD Group’s 2021–2025 Strategy in Lebanon will thus be two-pronged: help the country to deal with the shocks and lay the foundations for a State working for the wellbeing of its populations. Contributing to this long-term goal will be core to the AFD Group Strategy and will give it direction, even in times of crisis. This action will especially target: 

  • Lebanon’s most vulnerable populations, be they Lebanese nationals or refugees. Special attention will be paid to wo men, young people and migrant workers, 
  • Stakeholders capable of driving change and helping to build the Lebanon of the future. 

AFD Group’s operations will revolve around five strategic objectives that coincide with five sectors of activity (listed in no order of priority): 

  • Improve equitable access to quality education and vocational training, and to employment, 
  • Promote equitable access to quality healthcare and care for psycho-social disorders, 
  • Develop access to quality water and sanitation services and improve their governance mechanisms, 
  • Strengthen the population’s resilience and support economic revival by prioritising inclusive territorial development, 
  • Support reforms for good economic and financial governance.
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