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AFD's Sustainable Development Analysis - Grids

The Sustainable Development Mechanism is the tool used by AFD Group to ensure that every project it finances is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through an analysis and rating system, it qualifies each project’s contribution to sustainable development. By applying this mechanism, the positive impacts of projects can thus be optimized and those that could have a negative impact on one or more dimensions of sustainable development are excluded. 

The sustainability development analysis is performed using grids. These sustainable development analysis grids, which can be downloaded below, are used to qualify the expected impacts of a project prior to its financing. They focus on three pillars (planet, people and economy-governance) comprising six dimensions: biodiversity, climate, social ties, gender, economy and governance. The climate dimension is subdivided into two components: the low-carbon transition (mitigation) and resilience (adaptation).

The grids are applicable to all sectors and all types of projects and financing. Their purpose is to identify strategies for promoting transformational projects that best address sustainable development challenges, as well as to apply a “do no harm” approach, ensuring that no project financed has a negative impact on sustainable development.

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