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The city of Lagos, with over 20 million inhabitants, is the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa, with a natural population growth estimated at 6%, it is also one of most dynamic city on the continent.

However, the outdated transport infrastructure in Lagos and equipment have led Lagos metropolis to be one of the most congested city in the world, with emission levels reaching 1.44 Trigrams per year, higher than  Beijing, Tokyo and London.

In order to address this issue, AFD and the World Bank cofinanced the Lagos Urban Transport Project II (LUTP II). While the first BRT project (LUTP I) was launched in 2007 by the WB with a focus on the institutional framework for urban transport, the second BRT project (LUTP II) focused on the development of  the road network and bus operations. This movie tells its story from the perspective of women working to improve mobility in Lagos.


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