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Exposition Cambodge Women's Voices

The exhibition “Women’s Voices”, launched in Cambodia by AFD, aims to convey and raise the voices of inspiring Cambodian women involved in AFD-supported projects and to highlight their stories, their initiatives and the challenges they face.

This exhibition aims to highlight women whose ambition can inspire future generations, to echo their fight for a fairer and equal world, where girls have equal access to education, and where women have access to positions and responsibilities regardless of their gender. A world in which they are not confined to stereotypical roles, but where their talents can be fully expressed in all areas of society.

These portraits of women, taken through the lens of photographer Sereyrath Mech, capture their determination to break down the barriers to their empowerment. Their testimonies show how they are moving the lines, on a daily basis, so that tomorrow’s Cambodia is also carried by women.

Find out more about the exhibition with the brochure available below.


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