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AFD's headquarters in Paris

You can find our current consultations at

Our procurement policy

To cover our operating expenses and investments, our suppliers and subcontractors work in a range of procurement categories:

  • consulting services;
  • sector-specific planning services;
  • IT and telecoms;
  • general resources;
  • communication and events, etc.

AFD Group works with thousands of companies every day. In effect, our suppliers make essential contributions to our procurement policy. AFD Group has thus identified three procurement priorities:

  • achieve high economic performance;
  • ensure the social, societal and environmental responsibility of its procurement;
  • establish sustainable relationships with its suppliers.

Our commitments

AFD Group would like to establish sustainable relationships with its suppliers and share its commitments with them. As a result of the variety of its procurement needs, AFD works with major international organizations as well as small and medium-sized companies. The Group is committed to maintaining strong relationships with each supplier based on trust and localization.

Within AFD Group, the procurement division aims, through its activities, to make a positive contribution to the Group’s economic, environmental and social performance.

Throughout the consultation process, the buyers ensure that our suppliers are treated fairly by sharing the same level of information with all of them. 

Are you a supplier and/or subcontractor of AFD Group or would you like to become one? As a responsible company, we place particular emphasis on the sharing and compliance of our current and future suppliers with the fundamental principles set forth in our supplier relations charter. This charter defines the reciprocal commitments expected of AFD Group, its suppliers and any subcontractors.

Become a supplier

AFD Group does not use referencing. There are two ways to become an AFD supplier: 

  • by being selected during a supplier panel following a consultation;
  • by becoming a contractor for a specific procurement project.

We use procedures and tools to ensure the traceability of decision-making on supplier selection.

All our consultations are published via the buyer profile at and follow the key stages defined below:

  • Consultation

Depending on the nature and challenges of consultations, various procedures may be used for their launch. The consultation rules ensure that suppliers can identify the selection criteria for applications and/or tenders.

  • Notification

AFD is careful to select financially stable partners whose activities are compatible with the Group's regulatory obligations and societal commitments. To this end, AFD carries out financial, compliance and reputation checks for the consultations launched. As part of this process, the Group reserves the right to request any information deemed necessary.

  • Monitoring of relationships

Once the contract has been signed, our aim is to constantly maintain a balanced relationship and facilitate the sharing of expertise. If necessary, AFD will define progress plans in collaboration with you.

Current Consultations