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Namibia, or the Republic of Namibia, stretches 800 000 square kilometers from the borders of Angola, Botswana, South Africa and Zambia to the southwestern Atlantic coast. It is home to diverse wildlife, biodiversity, the Namib and Kalahari deserts and the Kavango region.
A stable political regime and sound economic management have helped to secure poverty reduction, allowing Namibia to become an upper-middle income country. However, socio-economic inequalities inherited from the past apartheid system remain extremely high and structural constraints to growth have hampered job creation. COVID-19 has negatively affected poverty, severe drought has constrained agricultural output and unemployment is projected to increase over the next few years.

AFD, present in Namibia since 1998, commits to accompanying change in the country, by offering diverse financing solutions and technical assistance to support the Namibian government to promote a low-carbon transition, protect biodiversity and reduce socio-economic inequalities.

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