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French Polynesia
AFD’s Adapt'Action Facility supports 15 countries and regional organizations – from the Caribbean, to Cameroon and the Comoros – in building community resilience to the consequences of climate change.

Extreme events, floods, droughts, land degradation, water stress, coastal erosion... There are many challenges targeted by Adapt’Action. Through studies and capacity building activities, this Facility supports the emergence of public policies and financing that directly address climate change adaptation needs. 

In this way, Adapt'Action contributes to increasing funding for more resilient societies. The leverage effect of the Facility's activities to date is €411 million. The vulnerability and feasibility studies conducted contribute to identifying projects that will be financed mainly by AFD, but also by the Green Climate Fund, the European Union, and partner countries. 

They address a variety of issues faced by countries in the Maghreb, Sahel, Gulf of Guinea and Indian Ocean, such as the resilience of agricultural and livestock systems, the conservation of natural resources, the strengthening of meteorological services, and taking adaptation into account in territorial planning. 

Adapt'Action, a wide range of sponsored projects

In the Zinder and Diffa regions of Niger, the Bounkassa Kiwo project aims to strengthen the resilience of pastoral livestock through sustainable management of natural resources, promote social agreements on their use, and strengthen the institutional environment as well as the sector's collective infrastructure.
A regional project to support hydrometeorological and climatic systems in the countries of the Indian Ocean Commission, supported by the Green Fund, the European Union, and AFD, plans to invest in improving the data produced, services to users, early warning systems, and the prevention of hydrological hazards (floods, drought, landslides,etc.).

In southern Tunisia, the project to promote resilient agriculture aims to improve the resilience of small-scale farmers and ecosystems to climate change through sustainable management of natural resources, diversification of people's livelihoods, and capacity building of local stakeholders. 
Other studies currently being identified are likely to lead to new projects. As a result, Adapt'Action could exceed its initial target of leveraging €500 million. In addition, the Facility's ripple effect on adaptation investments goes beyond the feasibility studies it conducts. For example, it supports the Tunisian Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency in its accreditation to the Green Climate Fund and promotes resilient public policy portfolios through its support to sectoral policy adaptation.

The 15 countries assisted by Adapt'Action are: Cameroon, Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), Comoros, Congo-Brazzaville, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guinea-Conakry, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Senegal, and Tunisia.