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AFD Group Accelerates its Support for Uzbekistan During the Visit of French President Emmanuel Macron
Two operational agreements have been signed to intensify relations between the AFD Group and the Uzbek authorities in the fields of green economy and women’s entrepreneurship, as well as an agreement encouraging technical cooperation. Since 2016, the AFD group has already committed more than 1.4 billion euros in the country.

As Uzbekistan faces significant environmental challenges and is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, the second phase of the policy-based loan programme on the green economy was launched on 2 November 2023. This programme aims to support the formulation and implementation of a strategy to encourage the transition towards a green economy over five years. The second phase will help develop the institutional framework for green growth, support the transition to green budgeting and extending green investments. The loan supporting the second sub-programme is €125 million, supplemented by technical assistance financed by the European Union.

A second signature fully integrated Expertise France, a subsidiary of the AFD group dedicated to technical cooperation, into the Group’s activities in Uzbekistan. Currently, several Expertise France agents are deployed in Uzbekistan in the green economy and heritage sectors.

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A third agreement has been signed between AFD and the newly-created Business Development Bank and will aim to encourage women’s entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan, particularly in the energy, transport and agriculture sectors. Through technical exchanges and close collaboration between their teams, the two entities aim to conduct trainings, organize events and set up joint projects to support Uzbek women entrepreneurs. 

Rémy Rioux, Chief Executive Officer of the AFD Group: "AFD Group is one of the instruments deployed by France to strengthen the bilateral relationship. Since 2016, we have been supporting the Uzbek government to preserve the country’s environment and improve the living conditions of its people. I am very pleased to see the quality of our relations with the authorities, which allows us today to deepen our partnerships and projects in the country.”

AFD also plans to work alongside the World Bank in the coming months to encourage sustainable and organized urban development in several cities in Uzbekistan. Issues related to heritage preservation will be integrated. 

Press contact: Irodakhon Abdul-Kodirova | +998 90 958 00 21