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Launch of the ESA Coding Lab at the French Institute in Lebanon – Nabatiyeh
Initiated in 2018 and launched in July 2020 during the signing of an agreement between the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), ESIEE IT (a large computer coding school in France depending on the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP)) and the Beirut Business School, the ESA Coding Lab project is now fully operational. Since the start of the school year in October 2021, has therefore taken shape and around 20 students have started high quality training in computer coding in the premises of the French Institute in Lebanon - Nabatiyeh, partner of the Project in this first location of the training

ESIEE IT has notably developed a “tailor-made” program in order to meet the important needs of the local market (more than 300 positions to be filled for a little less than 200 coders trained per year: that is to say around 30 % of the needs assessed) and to the international.

This strategic partnership guarantees the development of training courses that meet the needs and requirements of future coders and enables Lebanon to benefit from French excellence in the IT field. The visit of the French Ambassador to Nabatiyeh for the inauguration marks the importance of this project for France.

This four-month full time training course will lead, following an exam, to a dual certificate from France and Lebanon. In addition to the opportunity it offers to young Lebanese to train for jobs in high demand, the method of financing this course makes it particularly accessible to the entire Lebanese population. This is because graduate students and their employers pay tuition fees only upon recruitment. ESA is developing a network of local and international partner companies ready to hire future developers.

ESA Coding Lab’s first training location is based in South Lebanon in Nabatiyeh, similar locations are expected to open in other parts of the country soon. In total, the program provides for the training of 300 to 350 people over 4 years.

Applications are now open on ESA Coding Lab’s website for the second training cycle, which will begin in mid-March 2022.

Press contacts:
  • Agence Française de Développement: Lara Fahs - Regional Communications Officer for the Middle East | 00961 3 591767
  • Institut français du Liban: Marielle Salloum Maroun - Communication and press relations officer | 00 961 3 280 939