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Team Europe, Initiative to Support the Management of Palestinian Water Resources
On the occasion of Europe Day 2023, the Consul General of France, the European Union Representative, and Representatives of Germany, Netherland, Spain, and Austria met the Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh and announced the launching of the second Team Europe Initiative in Palestine: Water Resources Management – Wastewater Treatment and Reuse. Team Europe will allocate up to 200 million Euros to implement this transformative intervention to achieve substantial and sustainable development in this crucial sector. The event was held at the Prime Minister Office and attended by the Minister of Water, Minister of Agriculture, and a number of Palestinian officials.

Under the leadership of France, the European Union and European Member States have joined forces to establish a strong partnership with the Palestinian Authority to promote sustainable water resource management. This Team Europe Initiative aims to improve water management sustainably through comprehensive and equitable wastewater treatment, high-quality water reuse (for agriculture and aquifer recharge), and the strengthening of the sector's institutional framework. The initiative seeks to contribute substantially to environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation in Palestine.

The Team Europe Initiative takes a comprehensive and transformative approach that addresses both Palestinian aspirations and needs, as well as the broader global policy priorities on Climate and Biodiversity. Access to clean water is a basic human right that enables the realization of all other human rights, including the right to a healthy environment and the right to development.

This initiative will build on past efforts, leverage private and public investments through European financial instruments, and increase policy dialogue to support the Palestinian Authority. Addressing the multiple and transboundary challenges in the water resources management sector requires mutual trust, cooperation, and boldness. The EU and Member States aim to provide essential benefits through joint political, technical, and financial engagement, following the "stronger together" approach.

In the last ten years, the EU and the European Development Partners have been the primary contributors to the water sector in Palestine, investing over 400 million Euros. European-Palestinian flagship projects include the Hebron, Tubas, and Nablus Wastewater Treatment Plants in the West Bank, as well as the North Gaza Sewage Treatment Plant and the Central wastewater treatment plant in Gaza

Over the next three years, Team Europe plans to invest up to 200 million Euros and significant political capital in the sector to bring about transformative change, provided there is a solid and structured reform framework. This change will have a far-reaching impact on the agricultural production cycles and the food system as a whole and contribute to the implementation of the Palestinian Authority developmental plans. The possibility of engaging with European financial instruments would allow for further scaling up of investments.

"The Team Europe Initiative is a unified and clear message of European support to our Palestinian partners.  At the core of this initiative, there is a strong action plan that aims to protect the Palestinian right to water and sanitation while working with the Palestinian Authority towards a green transition to combat the consequences of climate change and protect the environment and biodiversity. We are joining forces to support the Palestinians in preserving their natural resources and developing vital alternative water sources. As we do so, we are aware that water in the occupied Palestinian territory has a political dimension. Water is one of the final status issues of the two-state solution. As we continue to work towards that political goal, Israel as occupying power has the responsibility to ensure that access to water for every Palestinian is possible and allow the Palestinian and international partners to work towards that end," said the European Union Representative, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff.

“ Stronger together” is the moto of the Team Europe, we, as Team Europe want to renew our partnership in the Water Management sector and support the Palestinian authority’s efforts to ensure that Palestinian have access to their right to Water as well as increase Palestinian resilience to Climate Change by providing alternative sources of water. This important initiative is first and foremost about the Palestinian people and the quality of their daily life. Those resources will be invested for the well-being of the Palestinian population, its economic development, and sustain future growth and job creation in key fields such as agriculture and environment.” said the Consul General of France, René Troccaz.

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The Office of the European Union Representative, West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA
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