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MOOC climate
AFD is launching the second part of its online training program on financial climate risks, in collaboration with AFD Campus.

In 2021, AFD group published its first TCFD report (Task-Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure), which has contributed to the Group's efforts at reinforcing transparency and accountability on climate issues. It's also part of our partnership approach. Helping our clients and partners to become aware of financial risks stemming from climate change, and encouraging them to better identify development opportunities in light of the objectives of the Paris Agreement are among the Group's primary objectives in this area.

During the COP27, in collaboration with Campus AFD, AFD Group is launching the second part of its online training program on Climate Financial Risks, which is available in three languages (French, English and Spanish).

-    The 1st part of the mini-MooC (launched 2021) aims to provide the keys to understanding climate financial risks (physical and transition), and their potential impacts on financial stability and on financial sector supervision.


-    In this second part of the Mini-MooC, AFD experts will help you analyze the specific mechanisms by which financial climate risks can affect different types of economic actors: countries, local governments, financial institutions and companies.

Join the community of climate financial risk experts taking this certified training and please feel free to share it with your network! 

Find all the climate-related online training on the Campus AFD website.