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Fishing boats in Indonesia
It’s a deal that concerns two countries some 12,000 kms apart. On the eve of the One Ocean Summit from 9 to 11 February in Brest, the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and AFD two signed technical cooperation agreements aimed at supporting the development of sustainable fisheries in Indonesia.

After China, Indonesia is the world's second largest producer of seafood products, with nearly 600 fishing ports spread throughout its territory and more than 12 million people making a living from it.  Improving fishing practices, particularly in terms of sustainable management of fish stocks and product traceability, is one of the Indonesian government's priorities.

Sustainable development of the oceans

Promoting the sustainable development of the oceans is also a key axis of AFD's operations, which is why it is supporting Indonesia’s Fishing Ministry in the development of sustainable fishing, particularly in the modernization and eco-certification of four "Eco-Fishing Ports.” AFD is mobilizing €800,000 to support the preparation and implementation of the project through two technical cooperation agreements.

"With the One Ocean Summit organized by France just ahead of us, I am delighted with this new technical partnership financed by AFD which will make a concrete contribution," said Olivier Chambard, French Ambassador to Indonesia. 

The first cooperation agreement will support additional preliminary studies in four ports, which are necessary to prepare the project to international standards. They consist notably in the design of master plans for each port, as well as environmental, social, economic and climatic studies.  

Franco-Indonesian cooperation

The second agreement will allow the establishment of a partnership between the KKP and CCI International, which will take the form of exchanges between peers, field visits, workshops, seminars and conferences with experts, but also case studies and training. It will actively mobilize one of the largest French fishing ports: the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer.

These operations are part of the strengthening of the Maritime Dialogue between France and Indonesia, which was reaffirmed by the Minister of the Seas Annick Girardin during her visit in June 2021, and in line with the letter of intent signed between AFD and the Indonesian Fisheries Ministry. 

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"I am delighted with this partnership to improve the management of fisheries resources, which is complementary to the investment project to modernize fishing ports that we are currently preparing with the KKP," said Emmanuel Baudran, Director of the Jakarta agency.