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Tilt, a Digital Platform to help Young People take Action
How to help young French people get involved in action to tackle the major global environmental challenges? This is the question AFD wants to help answer with the Tilt digital ecosystem. It is made up of the website tilt.fr and social networks. The aim is to give keys to understanding the world with possible ways of taking action. Tilt is in an online test phase with the release of its final version planned for the autumn of 2021.

According to the Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), 85% of French people think something has to be done to protect the environment, but only 15% do something about it. Of course before doing anything, we first need to understand complex issues, from the Climate, to inequalities and women's rights. To take action, everyone must also realize that it is useful for them to do their bit and that their input contributes to a global impact.

This is why AFD has created Tilt, a digital platform that helps people tackle topics by theme in order to take action – whatever their level of knowledge or commitment.

Find Tilt on tilt.fr, Instagram and Facebook

Tilt offers videos, articles, inspiring testimonies, comic strips and podcasts to give everyone a better idea of the challenges facing the world. Tilt also provides proposals for action from associations, public services, the creative industry and thousands of ideas of ways of getting involved. Tilt also aims to create a community to collect testimonies and share ideas. 

A digital solution in the test phase

“We’ve worked hand in hand with young people to design a tool to match their needs and practices, but also for things that are missing in their world,” says Caroline Castaing, head of AFD’s Awareness-Raising Unit. “We’re now entering an in vivo test phase: the tilt.fr website and social networks will be developed in the coming months.”  

Young Internet users are testing the content, features and graphics. “Their feedback will allow us to fine tune and optimize all the elements of the website and social networks to provide the best possible response to what they are experiencing in trying to find their place in the world,” says Caroline Castaing. As both users and contributors of Tilt, young people aged between 15 and 25 will be fully involved in this ecosystem in the coming months.

Civil society involved in the deployment of Tilt

Tilt already has infographics on inequalities, produced with Oxfam for the release of its annual report “The Inequality Virus”, as well as an interview with Isabelle Autissier, conducted with WWF France, for which she is Honorary President. All these points of view provide the wealth and diversity of the content offered by Tilt.

A small selection of the content to be discovered on Tilt

The young comic book author known as “the weirdest man in the world” rails against persistent inequalities, in the Living Comic Strip of Théo Grosjean.

Suzane, a singer who won an award at the 2020 “Victoires de la Musique”, talks about how she became aware of the environmental and social effects of our lifestyles in an episode of the podcast “So they did it”: The testimony of the singer Suzane.