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Sonabel, Burkina Faso, énergie, accès électricité
The North of Burkina Faso is characterized by a low rate of access to electricity, which is below the national average. The high connection costs are one of the main barriers to connections to the power grid. The SONABEL project, which has the Sahel Alliance label, aims to facilitate access to electricity for all in fifteen or so cities in the region, by subsidizing connection costs.

The North border arc region only has 31,000 subscribers to the power grid of the National Electricity Company of Burkina Faso (SONABEL). In the cities concerned by the project, the household coverage rate only stands at 14%. Certain small and medium-sized cities have only been connected to the grid for a few months and still have a very low number of subscribers to SONABEL or none at all. The company therefore wished to launch an extensive campaign to promote connections in this area. 


AFD is subsidizing SONABEL, which will manage and implement the project. SONABEL will be responsible for all the operational aspects: prior acquisition of material resources, communication campaigns for target populations to inform them about the project and its opportunities, and the actual connections. The reduction in the connection cost will range between 40 and 80%, depending on the technical characteristics of the connection. The project will primarily target access to electricity for the poorest populations via a significant reduction in the connection cost at the social tariff.

  • Connection of 27,000 households and companies, in the North regions of Burkina Faso.
  • Development and sustainability of income-generating activities through the extension of access to electricity to communities, in addition to lighting and a supply for small electrical appliances.
  • Evaluation of the project outcomes in terms of the number of beneficiaries gaining sustainable access to electricity, with a job and having increased their economic incomes. 
Project start date
Project end date
1 year
Duration of funding
North of Burkina Faso
Financing tool
3 000 000
Financing amount
National Society of Electricity of Burkina Faso (SONABEL)