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Women, workshop, health, crisis, Lebanon, Jordan, NGO Première Urgence Internationale
The NGO Première Urgence Internationale is working to increase access to healthcare, psychosocial and education services for vulnerable populations in Lebanon and Jordan. Following on from a 1st phase launched in 2016, AFD wished to extend its support for this project for a 2nd phase.

Between 2011 and 2017, the Syrian crisis led to the exile of over 5 million Syrian refugees to neighboring countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. This massive influx has major social, economic and political consequences, which tend to exacerbate existing tensions and vulnerabilities in countries in the region. AFD has set out to address the impacts of the crisis by launching the SAWA Initiative, to help these countries strengthen their resilience and accelerate their recovery. One of SAWA’s activities is to finance projects led by NGOs, which directly target populations affected by the crisis.
For example, in 2016, AFD financed three projects in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraqi Kurdistan following a “Crisis and post-crisis” call for projects. The objective was to strengthen the social resilience of refugees and host communities, while building the capacities of local actors. In response to the protracted nature of the crisis, AFD decided to extend the activities of these three projects via a new financing phase for a total of EUR 5m.


The 2nd phase of the project led by Première Urgence Internationale concerns Lebanon and Jordan. It targets 51,423 beneficiaries, among Syrian refugees and vulnerable populations in host countries. The objective is to increase their access to social services:

  • 12,210 vulnerable children will have better access to education: direct financial aid, organization of informal lessons, creation of workshops involving parents, and awareness-raising about education services;
  • 26,792 people will have better access to healthcare: individual follow-up, direct financial aid, distribution of kits for pregnant women, and awareness-raising about health services;
  • The well-being of 12,220 people will be improved: implementation  of psychosocial support and mental health activities and recreational activities, and awareness-raising about protection and psychosocial services.

In addition, the dialogue and capacities of local actors in the targeted sectors, particularly the capacities of the NGO’s partners associations, will be strengthened: Aman Jordanian Association and Working Women Society in Jordan, as well as the association arcenciel in Lebanon.

  • Improvement in the living conditions of Syrian refugees and the most vulnerable host populations thanks to better access to social services;
  • Greater social cohesion between communities thanks to the improvement in their access to social services and actions targeting both Syrian refugees and host communities;
  • Improvement in the practices of community volunteers and health and education professionals and in their collaboration with local authorities and public authorities;
  • Increased capacities of partner local associations of the project.
Project start date
18 months
Duration of funding
Jordan: Zarqa and Amman ; Lebanon: Akkar (Michmich, Cheikh Zennad, Aarida, Knaisse)
Financing tool
1 600 000
Financing amount
Première Urgence Internationale