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The RESCCUE project, implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC), aims to fight against the impacts of climate change. How? By increasing the resilience of the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the Pacific Small Island Developing States and developing financial mechanisms able to sustainably finance this conservation.

The islands of the South Pacific are particularly dependent on their terrestrial and marine ecosystems, from which they derive much of their food and economic resources. However, the effects of climate change, such as extreme events or sea level rise, combined with pressures on the environment linked to human activities, are leading to a significant degradation of natural environments with significant social and economic consequences.

Preserving and restoring island ecosystems and strengthening the adaptive capacity of oceanic societies and their economies is a major challenge for the region.


The regional RESCCUE project (restoration of ecosystem services and adaptation to climate change) has been operational since early 2015. It supports countries and territories in Oceania in the implementation of integrated coastal zone management, with pilot sites in Fiji, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Vanuatu.

The implementation of this project is ensured by the SPC. This involves maintaining and improving the functionality of ecosystems, demonstrating their economic value and putting in place innovative financing mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of conservation actions (for example via payments for environmental services). Each pilot site develops activities related to its ecosystem: hunting and control of invasive species, pearl farming and sustainable fishing, reforestation and mangrove plantation, sustainable tourism, etc.).

Initially funded to the tune of 4 million euros, the RESCCUE project received an additional 4.5 million euros in 2017 to sustain and strengthen the actions in place.


The RESCCUE project:

  • contributes to the preservation of coastal ecosystems in the Pacific;
  • promotes the maintenance and revitalization of economic activities dependent on biodiversity (fishing, tourism, agriculture, etc.);
  • develops their resilience in the face of climate change;
  • contributes to the integration of ecosystem service values into coastal zone management policies.
Project start date
Project end date
5 years
Duration of funding
New Caledonia
Financing tool
1 014 320 000
CFP soit
8 500 000
Financing amount
Pacific Community (SPC)