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Attractivité territoriale, Fengxiang, Chine
In Shaanxi Province, the project aims to make Fengxiang more attractive by developing a major archeological and natural site around the ancient royal city of Qin Yong and Yongcheng Lake.

Fengxiang County, the former capital of the pre-Qin dynasty, is home to a wealth of remarkable archeological heritage that remains underdeveloped. The county also has several lakes and rivers, forming a vast ecological area classified as a wetland park in 2016.

Until now, Fengxiang has based its development on heavy industry and has not taken advantage of these assets. Local authorities are now seeking to make Fengxiang more attractive through the sustainable management of its natural and cultural wealth.


AFD is supporting this initiative with a program that will achieve the following:

  • protect and enhance archeological heritage; 
  • preserve wetlands and biodiversity by creating resilient public spaces around Yongcheng Lake; 
  • promote local economic development, including through tourism, and better living conditions for local communities;
  • improve long-term management of the site by providing technical support for authorities.

AFD initiated a partnership with Bibracte, a site classified as a Grand Site de France and home to the Center of Archeological Research, in order to learn from their management approach and territorial coordination. In keeping with the Bibracte model, a scientific committee of around ten Chinese and French experts in the fields of cultural heritage, archeology and museography was established to support decision making in the construction and management of the site.

  • New territorial dynamics and increased attractiveness in Fengxiang;

  • Preservation of wetland biodiversity and the archeological site;

  • Improved living conditions for residents and job creation.

Project start date
Fengxiang, Chine
Financing tool
60 000 000
Financing amount
Fengxiang district