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L’AFD soutient le programme RISE dans les Balkans occidentaux
The project promotes the reconciliation of youth in the Western Balkans through the deployment of a regional social entrepreneurship coaching program.

This project, which begins its second phase in 2022, aims to open new spaces for reconciliation in the Western Balkans through social entrepreneurship. To do this, the project is setting up a regional program to support social entrepreneurship for young people.

Composed of an ideation phase and an incubation phase, this program aims to enable project leaders to develop innovative solutions to the challenges faced by their communities.

The project will strengthen the capacities of the existing regional ecosystem by supporting six structures in the reinforcement of their support systems. Through regional activities, it will also contribute to promoting social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans as a tool for economic inclusion and strengthening social ties within and between each country


For over 35 years, SOS GROUP has applied cost efficiency at the service of the common good. With this approach, SOS GROUP meets contemporary social issues by developing innovative solutions in 9 main fields of activity: International action, Youth, Employment, Solidarities, Health, Seniors, Culture, Ecological transition, Territorial action.


The SOS Pulse Group is a support structure for entrepreneurship and the creation of positive impact innovations. It is in charge of this project, along with the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) and the South East European Youth Network (SEEYN). The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) is present on some activities.

The partners work with local incubators in the 6 Western Balkan countries: ARNO, Balkan Green Foundation, Nešto Više, Smart Kolektiv, IEC Tehnopolis, Yunus Social Business Balkans.

Aimed results
  • A network of more than 260 entrepreneurs, six support structures and 24 mentors is created through the program.
  • The capacities of six local support structures are strengthened to sustainably meet the needs of project holders.
  • 72 teams participate in the ideation phases and 12 laureates are incubated; allowing the emergence of innovative solutions.
  • At least 1.010 people aged fifteen and over are made aware of social entrepreneurship during regional workshops and events.
Western Balkans
600 000 Euros
Amount of AFD financing
1 364 000 Euros
Total amount of the project
Financing tool
October 2022
Date of the project
3 years
Project duration