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Projet Smart City dans les Balkans occidentaux
This regional technical assistance program aims to establish city-specific digital transition strategies and action plans in four Western Balkan capitals (Skopje, Tirana, Podgorica and Pristina).

In recent years, following the interest shown by various international organizations and local governments, the topics of digital transition and smart cities are developing in the Western Balkans. The cities involved in the project have volunteered. Pristina, Tirana, Skopje and Podgorica have different degrees of digital transitions, and present their own challenges in terms of climatic conditions, state of infrastructure and mobility.

This project supports the cities individually, offering technical assistance specific to their goals and ambitions. The Smart City approach allows for a more resilient approach to climate change and promotes transparency, for example by using the data collected on sensitive infrastructure to maintain and optimize its use. The digital transition also helps make access to public services more fluid for citizens. The regional aspect, present in the project, is also a strategic issue for the Western Balkan countries. The Smart City approach is transversal, and takes into account the performance of public services as well as urban planning and digital development.


The overall objective of this program is to support the municipalities of Pristina, Podgorica, Skopje and Tirana in the development of strategies and action plans for the development of the Smart City approach. The specific objectives of this technical assistance are to:

  • Develop a local Digital City Action Plan (DCAP), including through:
    • Mapping the existing framework that will impact the development of the DCAP ;
    • Selecting priority issues and strategic objectives to be addressed (including through a study tour in France);
    • The elaboration of an operational and realistic response with an action and investment plan and in coherence with the existing territorial initiatives.
  • Sharing the results in a peer-to-peer dialogue (with partner cities, public and private actors, etc.), through the organization of a study tour in France, as well as the organization of a final regional conference on smart cities in the Western Balkans.

This program will also identify projects that could be supported by AFD in the future, through loans and technical assistance projects.


The technical assistance program has produced the following:

  • Strategic documents :
    • Diagnostic reports specific to each city (urban and digital diagnosis) ;
    • Smart city action plan per city;
    • Identification of projects that could benefit from AFD support, identified through a consultation process with the municipalities.
  • Peer-to-peer dialogue activities:
    • One week study tour in France ;
    • Regional conference on smart cities in the Western Balkans gathering all stakeholders in Skopje.

AFD, a leading regional player on smart city issues in the region, also aims to strengthen the relationship with the political and technical teams of the four local authorities.

Project start date
2 years
Duration of funding
Skopje, Tirana, Podgorica et Pristina
Financing tool
600 000
Financing amount
Municipalities of Pristina, Tirana, Skopje, Podgorica