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Le Maroc, à travers la Fondation Nationale des Musées du Maroc (FNM), souhaite renforcer sa capacité en formation aux métiers du patrimoine
AFD funding is helping to structure a pan-African training program on professions in cultural heritage. The project is being run by the Fondation Nationale des Musées (National Museums Foundation - FNM) in Morocco.

Morocco, through FNM, is seeking to strengthen its capacity in training for professions in cultural heritage. To respond to this need, AFD is supporting the FNM in developing the first pan-African training program on cultural heritage.

The program will strengthen the skills of African cultural-heritage professionals by developing a training center in professions in that field. Both French and African expertise will be put into action. In addition, this program shall help lay the groundwork for implementing the commitment by the President of France to return art objects to African countries.


The FNM support project seeks to develop a training program for cultural-heritage professions by identifying the needs of professionals in the sector in the target countries, and by participating in reflection with regional players on the role to give to culture heritage. Once the needs are identified, the project will determine the educational programs most suitable to local contexts, with the goal of giving structure to a training center in cultural-heritage professions. It will also provide support for experts in that sector in Africa.

The project has several end goals: 

  • To mobilize African cultural heritage experts so that training needs can be identified and training modules established through the organization of workshops
  • To strengthen the capacities of African cultural heritage professionals 
  • To promote the creation of a training institute for pan-African cultural heritage professions.
  • Networking for French and African cultural-heritage professionals
  • Support for training in the conservation and preservation of cultural heritage and for cultural mediation in Africa
Project start date
18 months
Duration of funding
Morocco and West Africa
Financing tool
300 000
Financing amount
Fondation Nationale des Musées du Maroc (FNM)