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Economic and Financial Transition

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AFD Group supports its partners in their economic and financial transition
The economic and financial transition is at the heart of international debates on development models. This reflection is prompting us to make long-term projections for the construction of a more balanced economy where the interests of economic and financial actors and the Sustainable Development Goals are one and the same. AFD Group is assisting its partners along the path to this transition.

Our strategy

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To systematically engage in the economic and financial transition, all of the players – governments, companies, financial institutions, international organisations, civil society – must be able to mobilise. And so to better respond to these challenges and its partners’ requests, AFD Group has adopted an, in line with the Group’s major strategic directions.

AFD Group’s goal: enable its partners to develop new ways of producing, consuming and financing. New, because they are:

  • more resource-efficient, for the sustainable management of natural, financial, technological and human resources
  • more inclusive, for a balanced distribution of these resources and access to economic and financial opportunities for excluded populations
  • more resilient, for better adaptation to crises.

AFD, Proparco and Expertise France are mobilising to implement this strategy. It is specifically adapted to local contexts, in line with the Group’s geographic priorities.


Our actions

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To contribute to building an economy centred on people and the planet, AFD Group’s Economic and Financial Transition Strategy focuses on six actions:

  • Develop productive systems rooted in local economies by financing businesses that use local resources and have a neutral or positive environmental impact.
  • Promote financial services that are adapted, sustainable and responsible to make them more accessible to excluded populations, and help companies to develop.
  • Support a commercial ecosystem that creates a good balance between economic, social and environmental impacts, particularly by creating certification schemes, supporting export-promotion organisations or developing infrastructure to boost economic activity.
  • Desseminate best production, consumption and financing practices so that companies and financial institutions, particularly development banks, play a key role in building a sustainable economy.
  • Develop risk-management tools by supporting actors who are committed to mitigating future uncertainty.
  • Support public authorities in steering and regulating economic and financial activities by developing new inclusive and resource-efficient banking regulation, or by encouraging local entrepreneurship that creates inclusive jobs.

News and resources

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