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Morocco’s varied landscapes and geomorphology make it one of the richest Mediterranean countries in terms of biodiversity.
Spread over 9 million hectares, the Moroccan forest is akin to the beating heart of the country's ecological wealth, and the lungs that help regulate the climate. It’s also a major natural resource for the people who live here, and a source of economic activity in its own right. But this natural, economic and cultural heritage is threatened by climate change and pressure from human activity. The conservation of Morocco's forests will help the country address the twin challenges of global warming and the preservation of biodiversity. The forests can also be sustainably used for the wood and tourism sectors, thus creating economic opportunities for Moroccan rural communities.

With the "Ghabati, Hayati" ("My forest, my life") program, AFD Group and FFEM support the Moroccan strategy for the sustainable management of national forests and parks – "Forests of Morocco 2020-2030" – by contributing to the protection of its biodiversity and the country's low-carbon, resilient and inclusive transition.


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