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Evaluation Summary - Projectto support Vocational Training in Vietnam

In Vietnam, in the field of vocational training, the Vocational Training Support Project (VTSP) underwent a mid-term evaluation in March 2019.
The project aims to support the implementation of the national strategy for the development of vocational training (2021-2020) by targeting its intervention on five training institutions through the financing of state-of-the-art equipment (on loan) and technical assistance (on grant) to adapt French programmes and train trainers.
The project supports the national strategy, in particular, in terms of international certification of programmes, partnership with companies and modernisation of the institutions' equipment. 
Two types of recommendations were made, the first to ensure the sustainability of the project (increase in staff numbers, continuing education and self-financing of the centres) and the second to define the outlines of another AFD intervention targeting the governance of the establishments and the development of continuing education for businesses.

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Ali Chelbi Consulting - ACC
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