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ExPost N°86 VA

Commissioned by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD, French Development Agency), Casa Transports, and the Société du Tramway de Rabat Salé (STRS, Rabat-Salé Tramway Company), the present evaluation is, in many respects, the first of its kind. The first two tramways in the country, that of Rabat-Salé in 2011 and that of Casablanca in 2012, brought significant change to the livelihoods of their respective users. This study examines the direct impact on mobility, as well as some of the broader effects of tramway implementation in Morocco.

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author(s) :
Thomas Delahais (Quadrant Conseil)
Juliette Alouis (Quadrant Conseil)
Philippe Bossard (Systra)
coordinator :
Antoine CHEVRE (AFD)
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