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Committed to the forests of Gabon since 2015, AFD Group supports forest operators and the country's administration in the transformation of the forest-wood sector. An unavoidable change in a country whose forest area covers 87% of the territory (22 million hectares). Gabon now has a strategic plan for the sustainable exploitation of its forest resources, which represents up to 60% of the country's GDP and mobilizes approximately 17,000 direct and indirect jobs in the private sector. This Precious Woods - CEB (Compagnie équatoriale des bois) site, in eastern Gabon, is FSC certified (since 2008). AFD Group's support for the structuring of the wood sector makes it possible to include the industrial needs of Gabonese policy in the objectives linked to sustainable development, without compromising the capacity of the forest to provide the wealth of tomorrow. A key issue for Gabon.


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