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Gender Equality - 2021 Activity Report

In 2021, AFD managed, financed and participated in projects that contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 5, dedicated to gender equality. AFD has been doing this work alongside its partners and civil society organizations around the world.

Highlights of 2021 include high-level international events in which AFD participated (Generation Equality Forum – GEF, Finance in Common Summit, COP26). They reflected and reinforced AFD’s mobilization in the implementation of the international agenda on gender equality, in line with the feminist principles of French diplomacy.

AFD achieved the objectives of the gender-related projects tied to France’s International Strategy for Gender Equality 2018-2022. AFD committed 4.2 billion euros in 2021 to finance projects that have anchored gender in public policy dialogue in all sectors striving towards gender equality.

AFD also continued to support projects to step up action to combat violence against women, taking into account the issue of the sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls and promoting a culture of gender equality.

Download the activity report available below to find out more.

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