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Middle East Regional Strategy 2020-2030

The Middle East Strategy identifies AFD Group’s main strategic priorities for the Middle East, the methodological tools for addressing the challenges common to all of the countries in which AFD operates, and the priority partnerships that need to be established to ensure collective outcomes are achieved. This document will guide the country strategies for the region. Prepared in close collaboration with the Ambassadors of France and tailored to national contexts, these country strategies prioritise the various intervention sectors (education, water, health, energy, urban development, etc.) as well as the stakeholder coalitions enabling the regional strategy objectives to be reached.

The AFD Group’s Middle East Strategy is based on the observation that a systemic crisis in the region is impeding effective management of urgent economic, social, institutional and environmental issues. Through its action, the Group will aim to curb the dynamic of decapitalisation underway in the region. This will be done by fostering the identification and kick-starting of sustainable development trajectories, which are the only means of reducing the structural fragilities that compromise the future of the Middle East’s next generations. 

As a result, the Group has chosen to focus its interventions on three strategic objectives:

  • strengthen social link
  • sustainably and inclusively manage shared areas and resources
  • support a more equitable and sustainable economic growth path.
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