Multidimensional diagnostic on inequalities in Colombia

Thanks to the wealth and progress of official information in Colombia, mainly from household surveys with sufficient population representativeness, the AFD, together with the European Union, and in close collaboration with Fedesarrollo and DANE, have elaborated the Diagnostic on Inequalities that addresses this fundamental issue for Colombia from a comprehensive point of view, which takes into account its multiple dimensions such as : income distribution, consumption, labour income, or household assets and services, but also the level of wealth in land and financial assets. It also adds inequality in access to and quality of education and health, and a set of basic services such as internet, drinking water, sanitation, electricity and housing. All this dimensions of inequalitiy mentioned above will be analysed with a particular focus on groups where gaps are highlighted according to geographic zones, gender, ethnic groups and educational levels of the population, among others.

In brief, this Multidimensional Diagnostic is key to understanding the gaps that exist in Colombia, and allows for evidence-based decision-making and progress towards reducing inequalities. This document has been produced in the framework of the Extension of the Inequalities Research Facility.

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