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AFD in Nigeria has always put gender at the center of its projects and reflections. In 2019, AFD’s communication department in Abuja decided to commission a movie on the emancipation of women in the capital.
Hélène Pont built her film on a long work of identification and observation. Aware of the scope of the subject, the director, who has been living in Abuja for a year, proposed to approach the theme through the portraits of three different women. The film was directed, edited and produced in Abuja with a Nigerian production team named The Storyteller Company. Filming ended in March 2020, a few days before the confinement due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

"Women of big dreams" presents the portrait of three women. From a professional point of view, each of them have had successful careers in very different fields.  However, what unites Maryam, Jemima and Carolyn is the incredible energy they have to pass on skills and know-how to young Nigerian women and to contribute to their development and emancipation. The featured persons in the film are not financially supported by AFD. It is therefore not, strictly speaking, an institutional documentary. Through "Women of big dreams", the AFD and the director invite viewers to observe the professional commitment of three Nigerian women who works towards the emancipation of women in their country.


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