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The theme of the environment and its management in view of the sustainability of living standards has today taken on paramount importance. This renewed interest has been spurred by a series of recent and worrying developments, particularly the rise in world food prices, the volatility of hydrocarbon resource prices and the accelerating trends of global warming. Because of this, the concept of ecological crisis has returned centre stage; in other words, the notion that improvements in human well-being may sooner or later be curbed by the limited supply of natural resources rather than by economic or technical factors, such as work force, availability of physical and human capital, or technological capabilities.
The questions addressed in this edition inevitably cover only limited aspects of the natural resource issues. They nonetheless have the advantage of showing how the application of rigorous economic reasoning and the use of detailed empirical data can help to further reflection on the solutions that need to be found for the complex problems arising from the growing scarcity of natural resources.

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