Southeast Asia - Activity Report

AFD’s field of intervention in Southeast Asia covers seven ASEAN member countries: we’ve had a long-standing presence in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam going back to 1993. We’ve subsequently extended our operations to Thailand in 2003, then to the Philippines and Indonesia, and finally to Myanmar in 2012.

Southeast Asia is particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change and facing multiple challenges arising from strong economic growth. Rapid urban development, increasing demand for energy, strong pressures on natural resources are amongst the key issues facing the region.

Against this backdrop of uncertainty, we at AFD Group intend to lead the way in better supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement, which has been ratified by all ASEAN countries, by making available a wide range of financial tools (sovereign and non-sovereign loans, guarantees, grants, and technical assistance). We also hope to leverage our vast network for co-building low-carbon development paths together with – and for – our partners in intervention countries.

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