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Ghana, Legacy Girls College
In Akuse, in eastern Ghana, Legacy Girls College provides high-quality education at reduced tuition fees for its 400 students. This represents a rare opportunity in a country where many young girls leave school too soon.

We founded the Legacy Girls College to educate this generation of ambitious and determined women in Ghana, women who want to leave their mark by creating a better world,” says Ellen Hagan, co-founder of the college with Essie Sackey.

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Since opening, the school has grown exponentially, from an initial 13 students to over 400 today. 

A Project With Strong Impact

To finance its expansion, the college benefited from the support of the Oasis African Fund (OAF). The OAF in turn has received support from the investment and support fund, Fisea, which is owned and financed by Agence Française de Développement and managed by Proparco, its subsidiary dedicated to the private sector. 

We have a very long-term vision,” says Matthew Boadu Adjei, Chief Executive Officer of the Oasis Africa Fund. “The goal of OAF is to fund and support the development of a number of SMEs with a strong impact in West Africa.”

This project is part of the #ChooseAfrica initiative funded by France to promote African entrepreneurship.