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The Emerging Mediterranean “Digital Talk” competition, a program that supports start-ups to develop positive innovation in Mediterranean countries, has just announced its list of winners. It is a driver of “Tech for Good” in this region of the world.

The 2022 edition of the Emerging Mediterranean Digital Talk is a space where positive innovation actors in the Mediterranean can come together.The event concluded with a pitching competition between twelve start-ups that made it to the finals, and who presented their innovative tech solutions to the public.

The six challenge winners (details provided below) will receive a €5,000 grant and be given the opportunity to attend the Social Inclusive Business Camp, the high value-added acceleration program designed by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Campus. They will also be invited to present their projects at the sixth edition of the Emerging Valley Summit, to be held on November 28 and 29 in Marseille.

526 entrepreneurs involved

Launched in 2020 with the support of AFD Group and the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Emerging Mediterranean program comprises decision-makers and stakeholders in the field of “Tech For Good”. It was created to identify, accelerate and foster the development of Mediterranean start-ups working in this sector.

The objective set by these entrepreneurs, who are developing solutions to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and responsible society, is to drive innovation for the common good. For example, by minimizing the carbon footprint of digital technology, reducing the digital divide, or applying scientific and technological innovation to address major societal and environmental issues.

More than 526 entrepreneurs responded to the call for applications for this 2022 edition. Just 30 applicants from this group were invited to a three-day boot camp, where twelve finalists were selected for the Emerging Mediterranean Digital Talk.

The six winners of the 2022 edition are listed below:

  • Ahkili - Tunisia - Lamia Chouk 

Akhili (Tunisia), led by Lamia Chouk, has developed a mobile & web application specialized in psychological consultations and mental health care. This tool enables online booking and participation while guaranteeing the anonymity of the patients. This idea came to Lamia during her fight against multiple sclerosis. During this time Lamia became aware of how difficult it proved to find a good psychologist in Tunisia, who could support her through this difficult period. This experience prompted her to found  Ahkili ("tell me" in Arabic), a platform that offers psychological support to isolated people, people struggling to cope with the pressures of cultural taboos, people who feel helpless in the face of situations and/or pathologies that they do not understand. 

  •  Abjad Limited - Libya - Abdulrahman Zurghani 

Abjad limited (Libya) is a startup that has developed an e-learning platform, MyMCQ, which aims to help Libyan students improve their academic skills and prepare them to pass their exams. By providing students with access to a platform that not only corrects the students’ mistakes, but through data analysis and AI, helps them to improve and overcome their academic weaknesses.

  •  Garini - Algeria - Nadir Kassoul

Garini (Algeria) is an initiative proposed by the entrepreneur Nadir Kassoul, and created by Abbes Oudda. It is an online platform that manages parking spaces in Algeria, an initiative aimed at reducing the 50 million tons of CO2 emitted each year by vehicles looking for a parking space. It connects the various owners of parking spaces- whether for cars, motorcycles, or boats- with those who are in search of a parking space, and helps them to improve their profitability by making their spaces more accessible to potential users 

  • Sasa Plast - Mauritania - Cheikhna Coulibaly

Sasa Plast (Mauritania) is an initiative launched by Cheikhna Coulibaly, who makes paving stones for streets from plastic waste. His employees are mostly women, thus supporting their economic independence. In the near future Cheikhna aims to create a manufacturing plant for his paving stones, to expand the business nationally, and then internationally. 

  • Viable Ways Corp - Morocco - Yahya Lougaghi

Viable Ways Corp (Morocco) is a Start-up dedicated to agricultural analysis, led by Yahya Lougaghi. It develops software integrated with wireless sensors, enabling real-time monitoring of agricultural production and thus optimizes resources and help producers monitor and increase their yields more effectively. 

  • Green Algeria - Algeria - Kheira Benaissa - Special prize for female entrepreneurship

Green Algeria is a startup led by Kheira Benaissa. Green Algeria is an initiative that enables people to convert their organic waste into fuel gas, using kits. This initiative seeks to offer a viable solution to the energy deficit that affects many households in Algeria.