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And What If AFD Also Developed Your Career?

AFD, its 3,000 employees, its 80 nationalities represented, its 85 agencies on 5 continents... What about you?
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And what if AFD developed your career? Employment
AFD Headquarters, Paris, And What If AFD Also Developed Your Career?

Why choose AFD?

Join a bank working for sustainable development
Joining AFD means giving a new meaning to your career, your expertise and your life. It means joining an organization where financial activity is not an end in itself, but the means to have a positive, beneficial and lasting impact on the world. 

Work in a multicultural environment
Joining AFD means choosing to work in a stimulating environment, with a good work-life balance. 

Give new impetus to your career
Joining AFD means acquiring new skills for your career plan and personal fulfilment.

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Team AFD

Our activities

The group regularly recruits for its main activities:

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Our diversity commitments

As a public institution, AFD must be exemplary in terms of diversity and inclusion, which is why we ensure that fundamental principles of non-discrimination are respected.

The AFNOR certification has recognized these commitments by awarding us the diversity and professional equality labels. Our recruitment policy is based on equal treatment (considering each candidate in the same way, using objective and independent criteria), and equal opportunities (recognizing each individual in order to value individual differences).

AFD promotes the integration and career development of workers with disabilities, young workers and seniors, and promotes professional equality between men and women. AFD is also vigilant about the inclusion of LGBT + professionals.

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Our vision of recruitment

AFD attaches great importance to the quality of its recruitments.
We have adopted a process for this purpose, which allows candidates to verify that they fit in with the company and whether they see themselves working for it.

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AFD Top employer 2019

Top Employer 2019

Published on 01 Dec 2023