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Restaurer la zone humide du lac Maoli
This project aims to restore Lake Maoli’s ecological balance and the major ecosystem services it provides to residents and wildlife. To accomplish this, the project is using an approach that manages environmental issues at the watershed level. The involvement of residents is also a key component in this project.

Lake Maoli National Wetland Park, in Hunan province, is located in the inner delta area of the Yangtze River. The ecosystem of this one has been significantly modified in recent decades by hydro-agricultural developments in the area and then the construction of the Three Gorges hydroelectric dam upstream. The lake has gradually become a major alternative habitat for migratory birds wintering in the region and has been identified by the central authorities as one of the country's 22 priority national wetland parks.

Appropriate wetland management and planning at the watershed level were required in order to maintain its long-term capacity as a refuge for migratory birds.


With financial support and technical assistance from AFD, this project aims to do the following:

  • Ensure the ecological restoration of the major habitat areas for bird fauna and aquatic fauna, restore the proper functioning of the lake’s water system, and control sources of pollution in its tributaries; A watershed level approach will be used to create means for the monitoring, concerted management and planning of water resources;

  • Improve living conditions for local residents, including sanitation and the promotion of organic agriculture and fish farming, sources of additional income;

  • Develop a high-quality range of ecotourism activities and initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the environment;

  • Build the technical and scientific capacities of local authorities in park management.


Long-term preservation of Lake Maoli’s ecosystem and capacity as a refuge for migratory birds. This project is in keeping with Chinese policies aimed at restoring and protecting biodiversity. It involves local residents, who will directly benefit from the project.

Project start date
Jinshi, Hunan
Financing tool
35 000 000
Financing amount
Jinshi local authorities