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AFD is partnering with the Sarg’Coop project to combat hazards linked to the accumulation of Sargassum algae on shores. Alongside the European Union and the Regional Council of Guadeloupe, AFD is providing a grant from the Overseas France fund that will support the development of a network for measuring air quality in several Caribbean countries.

In its efforts to fight hazards linked to the accumulation of Sargassum on Caribbean coasts, the Regional Council of Guadeloupe has designed a regional project called Sarg'Coop.

The French government (through its Ministries of Overseas Territories, Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and Higher Education, Research and Innovation) and AFD are partnering with this project. Together they provided funds for the international conference on Sargassum held in Guadeloupe in October 2019.


The Sarg’Coop program has set three main objectives: organize an international conference, create a Caribbean Sargassum forum, and create and coordinate a Caribbean monitoring and alert center. To achieve these objectives, the Regional Council of Guadeloupe has established four sectoral working groups: 

  1. Creation of a portal and coordination of a network.
  2. Remote sensing to establish a shared algae monitoring network via satellite.
  3. Air quality and health.
  4. Internationalization of the program. 

AFD is part of the steering committee for the program and participates in working groups 2, 3 and 4. Working group 3 on air quality and health aims to create a network for measuring air quality and a common alert system for several Caribbean countries. The data from this network will be monitored in Guadeloupe.

AFD’s contribution has covered the completion of preliminary studies for the installation of sensors (phase 1), and training and support for the national structures that will handle the management of the monitoring network (phase 2). The procurement and installation of the related equipment will be covered by European funds.


The goal is to have a centralized system for alerting citizens and monitoring regional health conditions based in Guadeloupe that will anticipate the occurrence of hazards linked to the accumulation of Sargassum on shores. This will allow for the implementation of appropriate preventive measures. French air quality monitoring centers (Guad’air, Madinin’air) are expected to share their experience and expertise with neighboring Caribbean countries. 

Project start date
Multi country Caribbean
Financing tool
300 000
Financing amount
Multi country Caribbean