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Couv ExPost 81 VA

This evaluation was completed between August 2017 and July 2019 by the Hydroconseil-Agriate Consortium. The AFD’s Evaluation and Learning Department (EVA: Evaluation et Apprentissage) was responsible for the overall management of the evaluation. A Reference Group comprising AFD experts and external subject matter experts met on five occasions to guide the process, and provide feedback and suggest improvements to the successive evalua-tion outputs.
The sample created for this evaluation consisted of 47 interventions, equating to 103 projects implemented through 157 agreements [see the Glossary in the Appendix], in 23 countries representative of the main geographical areas in which the AFD works. This sample corresponds to a net commitment of 1.2 billion euros from the AFD over the 34 year evaluation period.

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Audrey Barbe, Cécile Mouchel, Bruno Valfrey, Thomas Cazalis, Florence Deram Malerbe, Thomas Hertzog, Gabriel Lambert
coordinator :
Karen Rousseau
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