Stakeholders responsible for implementing public policies for development and environmental protection need to measure the state of the environment, as they need to monitor it in order to assess the effectiveness of their actions, and prioritize policies and management measures. 

It is for this purpose that ESGAP (Environmental Sustainability Gap) has been developed. This innovative tool proposes a measure of environmental sustainability by highlighting the gap between a healthy environment and the environment in its current state. ESGAP should make it possible to clarify the work that remains to be done, and it facilitates the drafting of public policies that promote a healthy, functional planetary environment. 

The first pilot project to implement the ESGAP indicator was conducted in New Caledonia by AFD with WWF. Thanks to the project, some
initial lessons were drawn on managing the territory of New Caledonia and applying ESGAP in other areas in the future.

Find out more about the ESGAP pilot in New Caledonia: 

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