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Maroc, femmes, pêche
The Mediterranean Worlds Forum, to be held on February 7 and 8 in Marseille, mobilizes civil societies in the Mediterranean basin around major cultural, entrepreneurial and social themes. They're also themes that tend to unify diverse peoples. In a region where AFD is particularly active, we look back at our activities through the prism of three emblematic programs in Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

In Lebanon, the protection of water resources represents a major challenge. Only 24% of raw wastewater is treated at the source. AFD contributes to the protection of the Mediterranean Sea by financing wastewater treatment plants, such as that of Selaata, in the north of the country. Funding from AFD enabled the collection and treatment of wastewater from an entire seaside area, thus providing about 150,000 residents with access to clean and healthy seawater.

Thanks to the Metis fund for the integration of arts and culture in official development assistance, photography sheds light on the role of the first women fishermen in Morocco. United in an association since 2018, they campaign for entrepreneurship and the financial autonomy of women, as well as for the development and preservation of the environment.

Learn more about the Metis Fund


In Tunisia, many young people who graduate from the Institute of Technological Studies (ISET) find themselves unemployed. It’s a paradox in a sector where companies are struggling to recruit. AFD and the Tunisia Foundation carry out the Elife program intended to create and run centers for technology, entrepreneurship, training and culture in ten cities in the country.