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Vue sur le quartier 13 de Noviembre. Infrastructure de Metrocable Miraflores en construction, desservant le Pinal, financée par l'AFD.
This research project conducted by the Extension of the EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities in close collaboration with DANE and DNP, and in partnership with Fedesarrollo, seeks to conduct a comprehensive analysis of inequalities in Colombia through the implementation of the Diagnostic on Inequalities, and together with DANE to strengthen statistics on inequalities in the country.

In Colombia, DANE has made great progress in recent years in the collection and availability of data in order to analyze and better understand the reality of the country. Several studies have been carried out with some of these data, but for several years there has been no comprehensive analysis of inequalities at the national level using several databases to get a complete picture of the country's situation.Since mid-2021, AFD has been working hand-in-hand with DANE and Fedesarrollo to implement the "Multidimensional Diagnostic on Inequalities" based on an innovative reference methodology (created by AFD), which provides a comprehensive view of the country's situation as it covers a wide range of aspects (health, education, incomes, etc.) all under the prism of inequalities and using different indicators and databases.

The objective of the RFI Extension in Colombia, and in other countries as well, is to provide analysis, methodologies, and statistics that allow understanding the state of inequalities in the country, the dynamics and interrelationships with the different areas, sectors, and regions of the economy. The objective is to provide robust and updated data, to provide evidence for the construction of public policies, but also to identify areas where data collection can be improved, and those where research can be deepened to better understand the context and support the construction of public policies aimed at reducing inequalities...

This project is framed in a context in which inequalities acquire crucial relevance in the public policy of the current government and in the agreements adopted by it within the framework of the 2030 agenda, as well as in its entry into the OECD.

This project is part of the Extension of the EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities (RFI). Coordinated by AFD and financed by the European Commission, the Extension of the RFI will contribute to the development of public policies aimed at reducing inequalities in four countries: South Africa, Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia over the period 2021-2025.



The project aims to support and strengthen the production of national statistics on inequalities, promoting exchanges and interoperability between DANE and other national and international institutions.
More specifically, the main objectives are:

  1. to implement the methodology of the multidimensional diagnosis on inequalities and therefore create the first national diagnostic on inequalities in Colombia. For this, we will work hand in hand with Fedesarrollo and in close collaboration with DANE ;
  2. to accompany DANE's technical teams in the production, updating and improvement of statistics on inequalities based on the inequality Diagnostic methodology. These data will be used to monitor over time the evolution of the indicators considered relevant. In addition, and depending on the outcome of the data collected, it will be possible to advance in analyses that integrate elements related to climate change and the environment ;
  3. to accompany the DANE’s technical teams to support them in the implementation of new methodologies and initiatives that allow obtaining statistics that allow a better understanding of the distribution of income of individuals and households in the country. To this end, the organization of workshops and seminars is planned to share experiences and establish practices that allow high-quality data for decision-making.

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